12 Great Lunch Boxes for Children

It’s almost ‘back to school’ time for the youngsters so I thought that I would pick twelve great looking lunch boxes and lunch bags, perhaps giving you some idea of what brilliant options there are nowadays for safely packing your kiddies lunches! Themed packed lunch containers also make an excellent gift at any time of the year, not only for when the youngsters head back to school.

When I was young my packed lunch was given to me in a clear plastic Tupperware tub which, although practical, was very boring to look at! A couple of my school friends had fancy lunch boxes, but most of us had cheap and cheerful plain tubs. Now you can buy lunch bags, lunch tins and lunch boxes in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and we also have the fantastic option of bento boxes too – which look great, are practical and easily allow us to make a healthy packed lunch for children.

Star Wars Lunch Boxes

I was 7 years old when Star Wars was released and I dragged my father to the cinema many times to see it! Now we have many Star Wars movies being released so there are a great variety of lunch bags and boxes available for fans of the Star Wars franchise. We like those featured below:

Lunch Bags for Girls

I’m probably not being very politically correct but I would imagine that the following three lunch bags are designed with girls in mind especially those featuring female Disney characters. We particularly like these lunch bags:

Lunch Kits for the Very Young

These lunch boxes and bags are perfect for the really young (and possibly not-so-young!) that wish to carry their food in a happy and fun pack. Why not use happy eating to promote healthy eating from a young age. These lunch packs are lots of fun:

Lunch Boxes are Not Just for Kids!

My following favourite lunch boxes are not just for children. Below we have a retro style VW Camper Van lunch bag sandwiched (excuse the pun) between two bento boxes, one of which is a Studio Ghibli licensed lunch box, and I am a HUGE fan of anything Studio Ghibli so I’m going to buy this one myself! The Yumbox is a great modern example of the classic Japanese lunch box, and it’s totally leakproof too.

Which is your favourite?

I’ve shown you my choice of kids lunch boxes… what’s your favourite? I like them all, but my overall favourite is probably the Studio Ghibli lunch box above!