Alcohol Gift Sets for Valentine’s Day

Like many others, I am reducing my intake of alcohol this year, but on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, I am happy to make an exception and have a drink or two, especially if I have received a wonderful bottle of something special from my lovely partner. She knows I like beer and wine so perhaps I’ll get a nice surprise this year!

If you are looking for a gift to make your loved one smile this year then we think that the following choices will really help you find a great alcoholic present for your Valentine. As expected there is a huge range of options for you; from beer to wine to spirits and everything in between! One of the first ports of call is to look on Amazon UK at their Best Sellers in Beer, Wine & Spirits Gifts page.

Our personal favourites are shown below. I’ve displayed them here just to give you a small sample of what delights you may give to your Valentine this year on the 14th February. Of course, alcohol gift sets such as those shown here can be given as gifts all year round, so whenever you choose to give your present – drink responsibly, keep safe and have fun!

Pink Gin Gift Sets

If you’re looking for a ‘girly’ drink for your girlfriend, wife or lover, one of the most popular alcoholic drink choices is a pink gin gift set. Gin is one of the trendiest drinks at the moment and pink gin is the prettiest of them all. It has a lovely flavour and aroma that reminds the recipient of warm summer days and floral garden fragrances. Many gift sets include chocolates which makes the gift even more desirable, and you are sure to make your Valentine very happy indeed!

Prosecco Gift Sets

Despite a fall in recent sales (mostly in 2020 due to COVID19), prosecco is still a drink that people crave more than other sparkling wines. As with pink gin, it is marketed towards women, however many men enjoy drinking prosecco too. It is an ‘adult’ drink with a sweetness that ranges from dry to brut, so the gift of prosecco can be consider sophisticated and stylish – exactly like your Valentine! As with the gin sets seen above, many prosecco gift sets include chocolates so you really will be in your partner’s good books when you give the gift of prosecco!

Champagne Gift Sets

Receiving the gift of champagne is an experience that lingers in the memory for a long time – sometimes forever. When you give champagne, you are telling someone that they are very special and dear to you. At Valentine’s, the gift of champagne can be used to note a memorable year such as your tenth Valentine’s Day together, or simply give a bottle of champagne to show your partner that you really care for them in ways they cannot begin to imagine! It truly is a gift for lovers.

Sparkling Wine Gift Sets

Why not give a unique bubbly gift set this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the pleasures of a cava from Spain or a sparkling rosé wine instead of the more common prosecco or champagne. Whoever receives your gift will impressed that you’ve chosen something unique for them – just as they are unique in their own special way.

Wine Gift Sets

Wine is a gift that almost any adult who drinks alcohol would be happy to receive. There are so many different grapes, tastes and colours that the range of wine options is huge, however we think that the following choice of wine gift sets are a very good place to start. You can spoil your Valentine this year and not break the bank – which we think is great!

Beer and Real Ale Gift Sets

If your partner is a beer drinker then you have a massive range of Valentine’s Day gifts to choose from. From large worldwide brand lagers to small independent breweries, you are sure to find an ale or beer gift for your other half. Beer may not be considered as sophisticated as champagne or as classy as a bottle of spirits, but it is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your loved one – and really that’s all that matters!

Whisky Gift Sets

If pink gin is said to be marketed at women, then whisky is probably at the opposite end of the marketing spectrum. Many women enjoy whisky too but we suspect that most whisky gift sets have been designed with men in mind. The following choices would make fantastic Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life. As expected, there is a massive choice of whisky gift sets available but to save space we have chosen just six of our favourites below.

I hope that we have been able to help you choose a wonderful alcoholic gift this year for your special Valentine. Don’t forget that if you want a special glass to drink your gift out of this year, we recommend you have a look through our website for great drinks glasses ideas!