Gifts for Wine Lovers – Part 2

It’s been a while since I wrote the article Gifts for Wine Lovers – Part 1 so I do apologise to you if you are a wine lover and you’ve been waiting for this second installment!

A bottle or case of wine makes an excellent gift for the host when you are invited to dinner, especially if you get the chance to enjoy a glass of the wine you’ve just bought. If you are celebrating, a bottle of sparkling wine such as Cava, Sparkling Prosecco or Champagne is ideal. Maybe you have someone else in the family that might prefer spirits or whisky, in which case take a look at our article Blade Runner and the ‘Cibi’ Double Whisky Glass which might give you some more gift ideas.

Since writing the last post we have discovered more wine gifts so in this article I will introduce you to some of my favourite corkscrews, wine glasses, books about wine, and, of course, bottles of wine.

Quality Corkscrews

There’s little point in giving the wonderful gift of wine if the receiver can’t get at the nectar inside so below I have chosen three well designed corkscrews that make opening a bottle of wine a simple pleasure.

Classy Wine Glasses

Although I have been known to drink wine in the style of a rustic farmer (i.e. out of a glass tumbler), I always prefer to drink wine out of a well shaped wine glass. Enjoying wine out of the correct glass allows you to see its colour clearly and the wine can also breathe properly to fully produce its bouquet. The wine glasses below are specifically for serving red wine in, but we have many other varieties of glassware available.

Books for the Wine Lover

For those that are interested in not only drinking wine, but also learning more about where wine is grown, different varieties of grape, and the history of wine, then there are many excellent books about wine available. There are also many books that evaluate and review wine growers, vineyards, wine vintages and bottles of wine that you can might buy from your local off-licence or supermarket.

Wine Gift Sets

Possibly the favourite gift a wine lover can receive is a bottle of decent wine! Of course, there are many, many bottles of good wine available online and in local shops, but here I have picked out two wine gift sets that have caught my eye, and a bottle of bubbly for when you are celebrating a birthday or special occasion. Enjoy!