Heart Shaped Dishes and Ramekins

How better to show someone you care than by preparing for them something tasty made in heart shaped bakeware. Individual ramekins are a lovely way to create an intimate atmosphere over dinner, and a dish in the shape of a heart can show lots of people that you care about them. It doesn’t matter if you’re making something sweet or savoury, baking your food in heart shaped dishes really does show that you are “cooking with love”!

Heart Shaped Ramekin Sets

Whether you’re planning a cosy evening in on Valentine’s Day with your loved one, or a throwing party with lots of guests, all who happen to really like crème brûlée, these heart ramekin sets are perfect!

Large Heart Shaped Baking and Serving Dishes

Ramekins are perfect for individual sized portions, but personally I like something bigger to eat! Any dish prepared or served in one of the following heart shaped dishes would be perfect. There’s no denying that all these heart dishes look very stylish and they are sure to make your food look even more appetising.

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