Heart Shaped Moulds for Baking

Are you planning on baking something sweet for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? If so, creating a tasty gift in the shape of a heart is perfect! Heart shaped baking moulds can be used to make chocolate sweets, flavoursome desserts, baked cakes, cake decorations and much more. Of course, these heart moulds can be used all year round for embellishments on engagement and wedding cakes, to make wedding favours and so on. Read on to view our favourite selection of great heart shaped moulds for baking.

Bulk Baking Hearts

If you plan on baking lots of heart shaped treats at any one time, look no further than the following baking moulds that offer you the chance to bake up to 165 hearts from one single purchase! You can also see a full list of valentines baking, cooking and gift ideas in our Amazon shop.

Modern Heart Shaped Baking Moulds

A heart shaped mould may not be an item you use often, except around Valentine’s Day, but it is useful to have in your kitchen cupboard. The following heart moulds will not take up too much space to store but are very useful when the need arises for one. Having a baking mould shaped like a heart might even get you to bake more often, which is always a good thing!

Unique Heart Shaped Bakeware

These three heart moulds are a little bit different. The Wilton mould makes baking a breeze – just add chocolate buttons! I think the alphabet heart shaped moulds are great, and the ten cavity hearts mould in the shape of a heart looks neat. Any of these baking moulds would make baking for Valentine’s Day more productive.

Don’t forget to take a look at our full ideas list of Valentines baking, cooking and gift ideas in our Amazon shop.