Mother’s Day Gifts for Kitchen Queens!

Is your mum a Kitchen Queen? Does she enjoy making, baking and creating fantastic food for herself and others? If so, we think that she might like to receive any of the following kitchen items as a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day gifts guide is packed full of best selling kitchen appliances to make life easier for your mum. It’s been especially written to include gifts for mums that love being in the kitchen but sometimes wish that they had the tools to make tasks simpler and quicker.

Remember though… Some mums may not fully appreciate being given a kitchen appliance as a gift, even if they adore cooking, so don’t forget to also buy your lovely mother an additional present, such as flowers or chocolates, too!

For Ladies Who Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch!

To begin our look at great gifts for your mum, we look at kitchen appliances to make her morning and midday as easy as possible. Help her to start the day with a tasty fruit juice, healthy smoothie or berry-packed crepe, then as lunchtime comes and she feels peckish, she can enjoy a homemade soup, omelette or panini made with fresh vegetables, cheese and any other ingredients she may have to hand.

Cooking Up a Storm!

If your mum is a whizz in the kitchen, she will love having new appliances to help her whizz up the ingredients to create a range of amazing meals! These best selling food processors are sure to give her the confidence to attempt new recipes and improve on old favourites.

Cook Healthy and Save Time!

I think that most mothers would love to be able to save time in the kitchen, but still create healthy meals without compromising on taste and quality. The kitchen appliances below aim to maintain a balance between speedy cooking with an emphasis on healthy results. Modern air fryers allow you to use a tiny amount of oil to get a crispy outcome, whilst electric pressure cookers and all-in-one machines allow you to make fantastic meals with the minimal of fuss. Of course, a slow cooker is just that – slow – but this allows your mum to cook an entire healthy meal whilst she is working and doing all the other things that keep our mums so busy throughout the day!

Mix, Zap and Freeze!

These three best selling kitchen appliances are not commonly consider as gifts, but we still think that they will make your mum happy. Baking mums will love the Kenwood KMix stand mixer – and you get to enjoy all the tasty cake and baked results if you’re lucky! Of course, most homes have a microwave now, but this top selling 20L oven is probably a great upgrade on her present microwave that is perhaps a few years old and looking tired, as microwaves often do. Lastly we have an ice cream maker. Not perhaps the most common gift item for the chilly UK climate, but once you’ve tried making your own ice cream, it’s hard to go back to store-bought tubs. Plus she can make sorbets and yoghurt desserts too.

Essential Yet Simple!

There are some items in the kitchen that are often overlooked but play a major role in making daily kitchen tasks easier and quicker. We think the following three choices are unusual but ultimately very useful gifts for a kitchen queen (aka your mum) – just make sure you buy her some chocolates or flowers as well!