Halloween Baking Bits ‘n’ Bobs

ScarecrowGetting involved in Halloween gives you the perfect opportunity to try out some new bakes and cake decorating ideas even if you don’t celebrate the occasion much yourself. There are colours to use and techniques to try that can really get your creative juices flowing. It’s not often that you can use black icing on a cake, or cookie cutters shaped like deformed body parts! Bats, witches and pumpkins aren’t exactly pretty so we tend to keep away from using them on our cake designs, but at Halloween, you can do whatever you want! Blood thirsty vampires – Check. Severed heads – No problem. Witches riding motorcycles with flames bursting from their cloaks – Sure, why not?!

So, if you’re putting together a Halloween Party this year, for kids or adults, below are a few suggestions for the baked goodies that you might be making. You can also find an extended list of recommended halloween party essentials in our spooky Amazon ideas list here.

Creepy Cookie Cutters

There are no end of Halloween cookie cutters available on Amazon UK, but below are some of the most often sold and reviewed. Many sets are very similar in what shapes they contain, so you may have to compare a few choices before deciding on which Halloween cutters to buy. Expect to find witches, bats, pumpkins, and ghosts galore!

Macarbe Moulds

Baking moulds – or molds – are great for chocolate treats, small bakes and ice cube shapes, but they can also be used to make non-food based items such as wax melts and soaps. Here we have a super collection of Halloween shapes that with make your children and party guests smile in delight – or scream in horror!

Chilling Cupcake Accessories

There are countless ways to decorate and display your cupcakes, and here are a few of our favourites. Edible toppers are a great way to add intricacy to a simple cupcake, and you can dress up the sides with some spooky cupcake cases. Finally, why not display them perfectly with a monster-style cupcake stand?

If you would like more inspiration for Halloween baking or for your Halloween party you can find an extended list of recommended Halloween essentials in our spooky Amazon ideas list here.