5 Great Autumn 2015 Recipe Books

In the autumn of 2015, there were a great many new books released, most probably in order to be available as gifts in the early build up to Christmas. At Kitchen and Cook Shop we always like to see what new recipe books there are for us to spend our hard-earned cash on, so in this short roundup we are looking at five of the cook books released at this time to see what choice of interesting dishes there may be for us to cook at home.

Please note that in this post I will be looking at the printed editions of the books, but you may find that some (or even all) of these books are also available in hardback, paperback, Kindle or eBook format too.

Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls by Graham Garrett

The first two recipe books I’m going to look at have catchy, fun titles, and I’m hoping that my interest remains piqued once I have delved further into the cookbooks.

Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls by Graham Garrett

Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls is written by drummer Graham Garrett, who played in a few popular 80s bands and rubbed shoulders with world renowned rock stars such as Freddie Mercury and Bruce Springsteen. He is now a Michelin-starred chef and has worked alongside many well-known chefs, including Nico Ladenis, Richard Corrigan and Gordon Ramsay.

In his new cookbook of over 280 pages, you will discover more than 50 recipes with influences drawn from American, British, Indian, Japanese, Russian and Thai cuisines. This recipe book truly does contain a unique collection of dishes. What’s more is that between the pages of recipes you can read some of Graham’s fantastic stories of his rock and roll exploits throughout the years, so not only is this a great cook book, it is also an interesting read! It would make an excellent gift for a music fan that enjoys cooking, and I know quite a few people like that!

Buy Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls by Graham Garrett on Amazon UK.

Pimp My Rice by Nisha Katona

Loosely playing on the title of the TV series “Pimp My Ride”, a television show where an old banger of a car is taken away and ‘pimped’ up to look awesome, I wonder what will be within the pages of this recipe book.

Pimp My Rice by Nisha Katona

Inside Pimp My Rice you will find rice recipes to spice up your mealtimes presented to you by British born Indian Nisha Katona, a full time Barrister and self-proclaimed Rice Evangelist! Nisha runs a fantastically popular Curry Clinic on Twitter and in this recipe book we find over 200 pages of rice dishes from around the world. Nisha explains the different types of rice available and shows us a wide range of meals to be made with the varied rice types. It is easy to get bored with rice so I am very interested in getting to know this cookbook better. If you’ve become a rice evangelist like Nisha, please let us know!

Buy Pimp My Rice by Nisha Katona on Amazon UK.

Kitchin Suppers by Tom Kitchin

Kitchin Suppers is a contemporary cookbook that is devoted to home cooking. It is a beautifully illustrated book with exciting photography that offers the reader over 190 pages of inspirational and accessible recipes. From one-pan wonders and quick meals to more flamboyant fare, Tom Kitchin gives us a cookbook that is full of valuable tips and hints as well as super meals.

Kitchin Suppers by Tom Kitchi

The recipes within this book have been created specifically for the home kitchen. They are not dishes adapted from a chef’s restaurant that the home cook would struggle to make, but instead they are perfect recipes for those of us with limited budgets and busy lives. Shopping for the dishes is easy, and the techniques shown in the book are straightforward, making the meals fun to cook.

In the pages, Tom also offers us his own ‘Kitchin Secrets’ that cover a host of topics, including sourcing the best ingredients, preparing ahead, getting the timing right, and balancing the flavours in a dish. All-in-all, this is a recipe book that fans of Tom Kitchin will love, as well as appealing to those of us that enjoy making meals that are uncomplicated and tasty without the faff!

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Make it Easy Cookbook by Jane Lovett

Restaurateur Prue Leith CBE says “Jane Lovett understands that good cooking is about simplicity and great ingredients.” and in the Make it Easy Cookbook we find a collection of delicious, easy recipes that can be prepared in advance to save time when entertaining or when time is short.

Make it Easy Cookbook by Jane Lovett

Make it Easy Cookbook contains 192 pages with recipes ranging from simple starters to quick suppers and further on to more elaborate meals. All the dishes given are contemporary, seasonal and fresh, and their ingredients are kept to a minimum. Within this recipe book you will discover tips, shortcuts and a host of original ideas along the way that aim to help you make the most of your time in the kitchen; before, during and after cooking! I’m all for quick and easy recipes and the thought of preparing meals in advance sounds great. The recipes in the Make it Easy Cookbook are very easy to follow and only require a basic knowledge of cookery, which sounds right up my street!

Buy Make it Easy Cookbook by Jane Lovett on Amazon UK.

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes That Taste Amazing by Julian Voigt

We end this month’s roundup with a book aimed squarely at fans of curry dishes. Author Julian Voigt is somewhat of a recognised author on Amazon and all of his curry cookbooks are very highly rated. In Quick & Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes That Taste Amazing Julian explains that the number one reason people don’t eat more vegetable meals is that they don’t taste that great compared to their favourite meat based dishes. His plan is to show us than not only can vegetable dishes taste as good as meat based dishes, but that they can taste better!

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes That Taste Amazing by Julian Voigt

This book is not called Quick and Easy for nothing! In the modern world in which we live, quality is often compromised for convenience, yet the incredible thing is that authentic South Asian cooking is simple and quick. This curry recipe book is not a gimmick but offers you real home-style curry recipes that can be made quickly and easily, and they are the same as those eaten my millions of Asian households across the world.

In this cook book, Julian also touches on the health benefits of eating Dal and he explains why Dal is to India what rice is to China. He will give you compelling reason to eat more plant based meals – and with the delicious curry recipes in this book you will be equipped to do so. If you’ve never cooked, or even tasted, a vegetarian curry dish, then why not take the plunge and give this book a go. Throughout its 100 plus pages you are sure to find many delicious curry recipes that don’t contain meat, but are as good as anything you might get from the local Indian takeaway!

Buy Quick & Easy Vegetarian Curry Recipes That Taste Amazing by Julian Voigt on Amazon UK.

Another great season for cookbooks

Once again, the excellent and varied recipe books keep coming. In this very small selection of published titles we have a great variety of dishes, menus, meals and recipes for you to enjoy, so get shopping and try something new!